The Food Programme

Hungry Kids

Following another trip to Faith & Hope in the Autumn of 2015, it was becoming all too obvious that, although extremely keen to learn, a large number of pupils were falling asleep during lessons. The majority of children in this poverty stricken area were hungry on a daily basis, and simply lacked the energy to stay awake. Kari realised that something needed to be done to try to address this.

She identified an area of the school which could potentially be set up as a rudimentary kitchen. She then sent out an appeal on social media, assuming that a long period of fundraising would be required to raise the £2000 needed to fit out the kitchen and equip it with pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.

As luck would have it, though, her appeal was quickly spotted by a North Berwick business, Removal Services Scotland, who immediately offered Kari all of the money!

The kitchen became a reality, and the charity is eternally grateful to RSS and its generous, timely donation.

The Food Programme was introduced in the Spring of 2016, following the completion of the kitchen.

The aim of the Food Programme is, ideally, to provide every child attending school one hot meal per day. It will be necessary for this objective to be implemented incrementally, as funds allow. At present, pupils receive porridge two days per week and a series of fundraising events will take place in an effort to increase this.

It is hoped that the programme will attract regular corporate and individual contributions

Support our Food Programme

We need help to increase the number of meals we can provide the children each week. A donation to our Food Programme of just £3 per month will feed one child one hot meal each school day for a whole month.

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