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Together in Sport aims to improve the life opportunities open to school children in Rwanda's rural Bugasera district. We do this by seeking sponsorship of individual pupils at the Faith and Hope Academy in the village of Gako to provide education and health insurance for all. We also foster health, well-being and community cohesion through sport, and seek donations to our food program, which ensures the school can provide every child with one much-needed nutritious meal every day.

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How can you help?

As shown below, there are three ways you can help. If you’re interested, simply send an email to kari@togetherinsportrwanda.org

Sponsor a child

Just £3 per month will pay for a child’s much-needed education, school uniform and health insurance, and contribute towards improving school facilities.

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Kari Spence

Donate to the Faith and Hope food program

Pupils at the Faith and Hope Academy frequently go hungry. Just £15 will feed five children for a month.

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Get involved

We are keen to provide life-changing opportunities for individuals and groups to visit Rwanda to support the project's goals in person.

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Felix Bazimaziki
Head Teacher

A message from Felix

Felix Bazimaziki is head teacher of the Faith & Hope Academy in Bugasera, Rwanda. Each month, he sends us an update on progress at the school and in the community.

Hello my friends...

Families living in Gako village face many challenges. They live in severe poverty, with insufficient food, and water, and lack funds for health care and to send their children to school.

Since 2012, Together in Sport has helped my school in many different ways. They have provided teaching aids and school materials, purchased land for sports activities, and the child sponsorship programme has been very helpful for both school and children.

In addition to these things, Kari and Richard’s recent trip – two weeks which they spent in our school working with us – was a great blessing to us in different ways. We finished building the school kitchen, bought kitchen materials (saucepans and cups), and launched a new food programme. Every child is now getting porridge at school, and we hope in few days we will start to provide even more food for them. Nowadays children are very happy, healthy and strong, and are much less likely to miss school. Even those children who left school before are asking to come again!

We will soon be very glad and blessed to receive a team of Scottish teachers who are planning to come here to share with us their experience in teaching. My prayer is that they may take enough time to train my teachers and build a continuous partnership between us.

I cannot thank Together in Sport enough for the work they are doing for Faith and Hope Academy. I am so privileged to have such a strong partnership with Together in Sport and I fully support their plans they have in place for the future. Please don’t hesitate to encourage whoever who needs to contribute to our partnership. We are ready to receive them and work with them in love.

Until next time!